Agency Vocabulary


How Will Your Marketing Plan Help Me?

As the market slows and houses take longer to sell, an agressive marketing plan is critical towards getting the seller the best price in the shortest period of time. Right from the beginning, I work to get the greatest amount of exposure to buyers and agents.

I will utilize the Internet by creating a personalized website, designed specifically for your property. I will create home tours that will allow buyers anywhere to view your property, even if they're not able to come to the house. I will also place multiple photos on the Multiple-Listing Service, so that everyone pulling up the listing can view different rooms and features of the property. Our company website is also set up to give more exposure to your home.

Your home will also be advertised in local newspapers and real estate magazines, which are distributed throughout the region. For most properties, I will also hold regular open houses, which brings in buyers and gives other the agents the opportunity to show the property easily. I have sold homes off of open houses.

I have many contacts in numerous offices throughout the region (at more than one company), and will work hard to get the word out to those agents, and to real estate offices throughout the area.