My Commitment
To Buyers

I will take you through all the complexities of the real estate transaction, from the time of our first meeting, until after settlement is completed.

I will search through listings on a regular basis to find buyer clients the ideal property.

I will work to get buyer clients the best possible deal on their purchase.

I will search for both listed and unlisted properties.

I will keep you informed of everything that is happening at all times.




   Doug Barry, Associate Broker

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Buyer Information               

The process of buying a property has become increasingly complex over the years. Even if you have recently purchased property, there may be changes in the law or in contracts that will affect a new purchase. If it's been more than a few years, you will probably need to start your education from scratch. My commitment to buyers is to guide them through the complete process from beginning to end, so that the buyer is free from worries through every aspect of the transaction. To help you better understand what will be happening and to save time throughout the buying process, I've included here Important Information Every Buyer Should Know, Important Questions Every Buyer Should Ask and 75 Things I Do For A Buyer. In addition, feel free to e-mail me at to get the answers to any other questions you may have about buying a property in Maryland (although I cannot answer any questions about other agents) or Request Information Here.

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Let Me Take Care Of Everything! I Can Help You In The Sale Of Your Current Home, Anywhere In The World!

Important Information Every Buyer Should Know

Who Represents You?
Tips For Buying A Home
Why It's Important To Meet The Agent At The Office
Understanding Maryland's Required Agency Disclosure
Understanding Key Elements of Buyer Representation
Understanding Key Elements of the Sales Contract
The Home-Buying Process
Why Buyers Should Have A Home Inspection

Important Questions Every Buyer Should Ask

Are You Looking Out For Me Or The Seller?

Can You Look Out For My Best Interest If I Buy A House Listed With Long & Foster?

Should I Meet An Agent At A House I Want To See?

Should I Be Represented?

What Should I Do Before I Start Looking?

What Will You Do For Me If I Work With You?

How Do I Know What I Can Afford?

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Doug Barry

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Office 410-583-5700
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