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Make Your Yard Spectacular!

No matter what your plans are for your house, it's always nice to make a good impression on visitors and neighbors. Nothing will do more to make a good impression than an attractive yard and home exterior. The yard is the first impression visitors will get, and the first impression is the one that lasts! The image created outside of your home will help you get along better with your neighbors, make a better impression on your friends and make you thousands of dollars more when you sell your house.

Planning out the entire yard is the key. Walk around the outside of your home and write down everything you would like to do. Draw an overhead map to see how things will fit together. Consider the big picture. You may like a lot of different types of flowers, but not everything goes together. Pick one, two or three compatible themes and make sure everything fits in with your themes. For larger properties, different areas can be sectioned off to create additional themes.

Small details can also have a big impact. Make an artistic pattern with bricks or paving stones. Use bricks, rocks or fence posts to create a raised flower bed. Use a trellis to create a natural wall or to fill up a blank space on an outside wall. Strategically place a few lawn ornaments around the yard, but remember less is better!

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