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What Will Make You Happy

Youíre about to make the biggest investment you've ever made. An agent has gotten you to agree to meet him or her at their office for your initial meeting.This is the time that the most time consuming mistake an agent and buyer can make will normally happen. A buyerís natural inclination is to get through that first meeting quickly, because they're eager to go out and look at houses.The agentís natural inclination is to go along with the buyer on this, because they don't want to upset the buyer.But that hour they saved the first day can add 50 hours to their property search.

Buyers will tell their agents they want a Victorian-style house out in the country with a big yard on a quiet street close to a country flea market to satisfy their obsession with collecting things, but will buy a townhouse in the city on a main drag with no yard at all, because they find a flea market in the city that fulfills everything they really enjoy doing.You as a buyer have to figure out what is really going to make you happy.

If an agent doesnít start finding out what you really want until they are showing you houses, they will find out one item at a time what you donít like.This tends to be a far more time-consuming process than most people would realize.In addition, it may begin a pattern where the buyer is not communicating with the agent, so the only thing they may find out is that the buyer didnít like the house, without finding out why.This means the agent will continue to show the buyer houses that they arenít happy with, until the buyer is completely exhausted with the search.


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