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Key Legislation


Proposed Laws in 2013

List of Key Laws and Proposed Legislation

The Homestead Property Tax Credit & How to Apply

ALL Legislation Passed
in Maryland in 2013

Proposed & Passed Real Estate Laws in 2013 in MD

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Key laws that have passed at different levels of government in recent years. By clicking on the link for each bill number, you can see the text of the bill, the history of the bill and the bill sponsors. HB means the bill was proposed in the House. SB means it was proposed in the Senate. The link at the end of each paragraph will take you to the text of the bill or law in its final version.

Maryland Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Act (2013 - HB0291) Strengthens penalties against mortgage assistance relief service providers and provides consumer protection against fraudulent behavior. Text

Homestead Tax Credit Application Extension (2013 - HB0128) An important homeowner tax credit. The time period to apply has been extended to December 31, 2013. Detailed Explanation & How to Apply


While these did not pass, it's important to be aware of legislation that is being attempted. Some of these could have a major impact on the ownership of real property, the real estate industry and the economy, in the event the legislature is ever successful in getting these passed into law.

Rent Stabilization and Just Cause Evictions (2013 - HB0315) Among other provisions, this would have established rent control in Maryland. If enacted, this would have de-valued property across the state, limited investor income and restricted landlord usage of their property. Text

Home Act of 2013 (2013 - HB0603) Would have added source of income as an additionally protected fair housing category. Would have required landlords statewide to accept government vouchers such as Section 8 vouchers. Text

Sale of Property - Lead Contaminated Dust Test Required (2013 - HB1048) Would have required sellers of certain properties built prior to December 31, 1977 a lead dust test to purchasers. Text


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