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One-Stop Shopping      

There are many different aspects of a real estate transaction, involving various companies and a large number of people. A buyer will probably need to hire a lender, a title company, an insurance company, a home inspector,a termite inspector and possibly several other inspectors. At each of those companies, numerous people will handle the transaction. A buyer or seller may also need to find home improvement contractors, lawn services and any number of other services concerning the home.

At Long and Foster, we can offer the critical services to get buyers and sellers through a transaction, such as title and lending services. This enables me, as your agent, to have direct contact with the people that will bring the sale through to settlement. Also the systems are already set up to allow the different services to function as one team. Having all of these services available through Long and Foster makes life more convenient for buyers and sellers, and sometimes can even make the difference between whether or not the sale is completed.

In addition, Long and Foster's Home Services Connection™ provides easy access to a wide variety of services to help a seller get their house sold, or to help a buyer turn their new house into their perfect home!



Doug Barry

Direct 410-207-4751
Office 410-583-5700
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