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Tips For Selling A House
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Don't Miss Your Best Opportunity To Find Buyers

Sometimes, timing is everything. A real estate agent can advise you of a strategy to get your house sold as quickly as possible. If a house takes longer to sell than other houses in the area because of a bad marketing strategy, buyers will begin to assume that the house isn't selling because there is something wrong with the property. An agent can also let you know the likely time-frame for marketing the property. It may be better to put a house on the market right away if houses in the community are not selling as quickly, or in some cases, an agent may advise the seller to wait until repairs are made on specific items that might scare buyers away.   Learn more

Don't Price The Property Too High To Sell

Many sellers think they can try asking for more money for a house, and if it doesn't sell, they can lower the price later. In many cases, this can cause the house to sell for a much lower price than it would have sold for if it had been priced correctly from the beginning. Buyers will begin to focus on how long the house has been on the market, and may feel that the seller will be more desparate to sell, or that the house is not worth a higher price. Also, sellers must remember that they will not get back everything that they put into a house. I can provide you a thorough market analysis of your property so that it is priced just right, and I can also provide suggestions as to which repairs or improvements would be a wise investment.   Learn more

Make Sure Your House Shows Well

A house that doesn't show well can cost a seller thousands of dollars, and can dramatically increase the marketing time for the property. Buyers can be distracted by dirt and clutter, and even though the problem will be gone by the time a buyer moves in, the negative image caused by these problems may cause them to put in a much lower offer, or may even keep them from buying the property at all. I can give you some general suggestions that will help any property sell more quickly and point out specific items on your house that should be addressed to help make your house more appealing.   Learn more

Get Out Of The House While It Is Being Shown

Any buyer that comes through your house will be accompanied by a real estate professional. That agent will make the buyer aware of everything the buyer needs to know, and if they need additional information, they will ask your agent. Sellers often make remarks that they are not required to make, and that may hurt them in their negotiations or maybe even scare the buyer away altogether. I can make sure each buyer and their agent receive all the information they need, while making sure they are not told any information that will only hurt your negotiations.

Don't Try To Conceal Defects From The Buyer

Sellers will be required to disclose any hidden defect on a property to anyone that buys the property. Failure to disclose something required by law, may subject a seller to legal liability. Also, if a buyer discovers that a defect has been concealed from them, the buyer will no longer trust the seller or their agent, and will become very difficult to work with. I can advise you about problems you might have that must be disclosed to anyone that is considering buying the property, to help protect you from legal liability.     Learn more

Make Sure You Understand Everything

I'm here to help you! If there is anything you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask. No question is insignificant. It's important to me that every step of the home-selling process is completely clear, so that you don't get any unpleasant surprises.

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