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How Important Is A Roof Inspection?

As a home buyer, or a REALTOR® representing a home buyer, you want to know if there's a raccoon family living in your chimney, or if their are any other expensive surprises waiting for you when the house is later occupied. No one wants to move into a home only to discover that the roof leaks.

A good home inspector will always walk on the roof. It is impossible to see all the defects (or any raccoons) with binoculars from the ground. Some roofs, however, are too steep or are made of fragile materials such as slate or cedar shakes. In these situations, the roof inspection should be done from a ladder against the gutters of each side of the house, viewing with binoculars.

The inspector should check the roof materials, gutters, pipe vents and flashings, skylights, ridge vents, parapet walls, exhausters, and the chimney top (crown), cap, liner, flashing, and chimney materials. No roof inspection is complete without a visit to the attic. (Attic inspections will be discussed in next months article.)

Roof repairs can entail as little as 15 minutes of caulking or as much as replacing the entire roof. Roof leaks can cause ruined roofing felt, rotten sheathing, and even rotten rafters, not to mention the damage to interior finishes, flooring and carpeting.

Protect yourself or your buyer/client by getting a home inspection as a home purchase contract contingency. The inspection will identify repairs that are needed. Considering the cost of repairs that sellers typically agree to pay for, the cost of the inspection usually pays for itself, and more!




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