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100 (+) Things I Do For A Seller (Part 4)

My job doesn't end at settlement. I follow through with the transaction to make sure that all promises made are kept, that any escrowed money is properly distributed and that the conditions for the release of that money have been met. I want to make sure that everyone is fully satisfied with the transaction and if there is anything I can do to ensure that, even after the settlement, I will.


  1. Follow through on any issues not resolved at settlement.
  2. Make sure the title company follows through on any paperwork or other issues that may affect the seller if necessary.
  3. Make sure the seller receives any money that is due to them after settlement.
  4. Turn in the completed sale to the office and make sure they have complete and accurate records of the transaction for the protection of all parties involved.
  5. Update my personal records to make sure I can answer any questions about the sale in the future.
  6. Remove the electronic keybox from the property.
  7. Arrange for the sign to be removed from the property.
  8. Change the status of a listing on the Multiple Listing Service to "Sold."
  9. Assist the sellers in their relocation, either locally or by helping the seller find a qualified professional to work with in another region or state (this process will start during either the sale or listing period).
  10. Follow through with the sellers to make sure they are satisfied with everything.

Throughout the process I keep ALL the seller's personal and negotiating information confidential from EVERYONE. I carefully document everything to protect the seller's legal position if it ever becomes necessary. I keep the seller fully informed at all times (good news, bad news, things we need to do, etc.).

I also need to do many things to keep in compliance with legal issues, which is extremely important to the seller. Not doing things properly can have serious consequences for any transaction I am involved in if I or my company gets into trouble.

Finally, I work hard at all times to keep my clients happy! I listen to their wants and needs and carefully advise them throughout the process. I do everything I can to put my clients in the best possible position.

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